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  • The DataTribe team is a mix of Silicon Valley and Intelligence Community founders, investors, and experienced entrepreneurs. We know what it takes to build a company, but more importantly, we understand the world our startup founders are coming from. We’ve been on both sides of the fence and can help you navigate the startup world.
  • Unlike a VC firm or an incubator, we co-build a small number of companies each year, and work alongside each one to boost the chances of success. From your first meeting with us, through your Series A, our team is there to help you build a successful product company from the ground up.

Here’s what you get when you team up with The Tribe:

DataTribe provides up to $1.5 Million in seed-stage capital and up to $1.5 Million in Series A financing — significantly more than traditional investors, incubators, or accelerator programs. Our co-build model provides the runway and human resources you need to focus on launching a world-class company.
DataTribe companies are provided with free office space for the entire team. Working with us gives you perks and discounts on high-tech services like AWS, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud.
Every DataTribe company has a personalized support team. DataTribe staff can embed with your team to fill key management and technical roles, attend pitches, sales meetings, and events, and tap into established professional networks on your behalf.
We co-build and launch a handful of companies a year, so if you succeed, we succeed. Our team works with you to design a company roadmap outlining key milestones and a path to get there.
DataTribe works to educate each incoming startup team on the basics of getting a company up-and-running. From term sheet 101, to making the first sale.
DataTribe companies get free or discounted access to essential business support services like legal and compliance, accounting, HR support, marketing, branding, and design.
A great product is more than great technology. Companies have unrestricted access to in-house product management and marketing experts to help shape the technology into a marketable product with lasting impact in the commercial world.
DataTribe company founders work side-by-side with our team, and are co-located in our Fulton, MD headquarters for 12-18 months, until they raise a Series A.

DataTribe companies have access to an exclusive network of strategic partners such as Deloitte, Yahoo! Japan, and Allegis Capital, as well as a “brain trust” made up of dozens of Fortune 500 executives, startup founders, and prominent investors including:

Michael Aiello

Product Manager, Google

Ron Gula

Co-Founder, Tenable Network Security

Joe Levy

CTO, Sophos

Tom Gillis

CEO, Bracket Computing

John Stewart

Chief Security and Trust Officer, Cisco

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