Hear What Industry Leaders Are Saying

Daniel Weinand,
Co-Founder of Shopify
“It’s not just an investment, it’s actually really trying to help grow the company in a meaningful way”
Cyndi Gula,
Managing Partner and Co-Founder at Gula Tech Adventures
“Maryland is finally discovering the … force of cyber security intelligence that we have here, and I think DataTribe is really leading the way on that”
Ron Gula,
President of Gula Tech Adventures; Co-Founder of Tenable
“DataTribe can help first time entrepreneurs who come out of the intelligence community and military”
Tony Cole,
CTO, Attivo Networks
“Maryland is going to be much more powerful in the cyber security industry specifically because of what DataTribe has done here”
Bob Ackerman,
Co-Founder of DataTribe, Founding and Managing Director of Allegis Cyber
“Our mission in life is to start 3-4 companies a year based on [Maryland’s] world class engineering talent”
Terry Dunlap,
Co-Founder of ReFirm Labs
“The network that DataTribe has has been phenomenal in helping us get a foothold into Fortune 500 companies”
Brian Cahoon,
CEO of Inertial Sense
“DataTribe has really helped us from an innovation perspective”