We Are Company Builders.

DataTribe leverages deep experience and expertise to build and launch successful product companies. We put real firepower behind every idea.


Commitment to Every Company

Co-building with DataTribe gives companies unmatched access to non-dillutive, in-kind services including marketing, product management, sales, engineering, legal, and finance. DataTribe companies also get exclusive access to a curated network of strategic partners and advisors.

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About Working With Us

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    DataTribe contributes significantly more early-stage capital than traditional investors or incubators, as well as free office space, and discounts on IT services.

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    In-Kind Services

    Getting started requires more than a great idea. Our in-house experts provide a range of free business services to get companies off the ground.

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    We are a team of startup veterans and IC alumni who understand what it takes to transition to the private sector, and how to build a successful product company.

Strategic Partners

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Strategic Partners

The DC Area Has
More Cyber Engineers than the rest of the country

DataTribe is tapping into a unique market of cyber, analytics, and big data professionals. Our founders come from some of the world’s most prestigious, and high-stakes technology environments: the Intelligence Community and National Labs. Our founding team includes IC alumni, military veterans, startup founders, and investors, which makes DataTribe uniquely positioned to turn exceptional talent and technologies into world-class product companies.

Meet The Team

The DataTribe team is made up of former Intelligence Community officers, startup founders, and experienced venture capitalists. We have in-house experts in marketing, product management, sales, engineering, legal, and finance.


Bob Ackerman

Co-Founder & Investment Board Member

Dave DeWalt

Investment Board Member

Mike Janke

Co-Founder & Investment Board Member


Maurice Boissiere

Chief Customer Officer


John Funge

Chief Product Officer

Jenn Gast


Leo Scott

Chief Innovation Officer

Tony Surak

Chief Marketing Officer