DataTribe Challenge

What can $2 Million Do for Your Company?

The DataTribe Challenge isn’t just another annual competition – it’s a unique opportunity for startups to secure up to $2 million in seed capital. Bringing together visionary entrepreneurs from across the globe, our challenge seeks out three outstanding finalists poised to revolutionize the fields of cybersecurity and data science. These finalists share a $20,000 prize, but only one will claim the grand prize of $2 million in seed capital.

As we gear up for the 6th Annual DataTribe Challenge, we look forward to all the great companies submitting for one of our three finalist spots. Mark your calendars for October 12th, 2024, as that’s when we’ll unveil this year’s finalists. The grand showdown is scheduled to take place in Maryland on November 2nd, 2024. We’re excited to maintain our tradition of bringing together an exceptional assembly of cybersecurity startups, thought leaders, industry luminaries, and visionary investors.

At DataTribe, we remain unwavering in our commitment to nurturing world-class enterprises. We’ve carved out a distinctive reputation as a partner to exceptional teams operating at the forefront of innovation. These teams often draw from their experiences in national security agencies or government research and development labs. DataTribe’s overarching mission is to drive progress and elevate the standards in the fields of cybersecurity and data science.

If your company is eager to participate, submit a proposal comprising a comprehensive deck and relevant information. DataTribe’s panel of experts will meticulously assess submissions, evaluating them for technical excellence, market potential, and the preparedness of your team.

To be eligible for the competition, companies should be pre-Series A, with total funding to date not exceeding $1.2 million. Your enterprise should possess an Enterprise, Big Data, or Cyber Security product, beta, MVP, or concept ready for presentation. For additional details, please consult our terms and conditions.

Previous Winners

Judges for the Challenge:

Header photo of a man wearing a white shirt and gray suit.

William MacMillan

Chief Product Officer, Red Cell Partners; Former SVP Cybersecurity, Salesforce; Former CISO, CIA
Header photo of Jim Routh, smiling wearing glasses.

Jim Routh

Advisor & Brd. Member, Many Cyber Firms; Former CISO, MassMutual, Aetna & Amex
Man smiling, wearing a blue suit

Navin Maharaj

Director of Koch Disruptive Technologies
Kristen's header photo

Kristen Edwards Marquardt

Head of Digital & Cyber NA, Hakluyt; Former SVP & Chief Cyber Strategist, Bank of America

Bob Ackerman

Co-Founder & Investment Board Member

Managing Director of Data Tribe
– John Funge

“Over the last five years, the Challenge has evolved into an excellent platform for entrepreneurs to not only get exposure and feedback – but to actually fundraise. For the winner, it could take care of their entire seed round. We’re always humbled by the quality of submissions – as founders look over the horizon to chart the future of cyber. The Challenge is a lot of fun and we look forward to working with participants.”

Co-Founder, DataTribe; Founder, AllegisCyber
– Bob Ackerman

“We launched DataTribe to tap into the deepest reservoir of cyber engineering research in the world, which is in Maryland, and to leverage that to build next generation, cutting edge cyber security companies. We saw that as an opportunity, but we also felt that it was absolutely essential to building the next generation of successful cyber companies.”

Balance Theory CEO - 2022 Challenge Winner
– Greg Baker

“Winning the 2022 DataTribe Challenge was a significant step forward for us. DataTribe’s approach to co-building with us has proven to be huge. Between the resources, the expertise, and network, we have gotten so much more out of the relationship than just capital. DataTribe is way more than just an investor.”

Co-Founder DataTribe; Dragos and Enveil Named 2020 WEF Technology Pioneers
– Mike Janke

“This is the first time in modern venture capital that two companies from the same startup foundry have been selected as World Economic Forum Technology Pioneers. Dragos and Enveil are prime examples of our thesis that the best cybersecurity and data science technologies are coming out of the U.S. Intelligence and R&D community. It is an amazing honor for these two companies to be selected by the World Economic Forum and true validation for the growing innovation coming out of DataTribe and the MD/DC/VA area.”