The DataTribe team is pleased to announce the acquisition of Attila Security by ID Technologies. Congratulations to CEO Gregg Smith and the entire Attila Security team on the tremendous achievement. This milestone celebrates a successful exit and provides a platform for continuing their mission in providing organizations with simple, highly secure solutions for protecting data as it moves between people, places, devices and networks.

“Working with the DataTribe team was invaluable in getting the company initially off the ground and avoiding the many pitfalls that startups face. The DataTribe playbook was an immense help.  We are extremely pleased with the opportunity to continue our mission with the support from ID Technologies.” says Gregg Smith.

DataTribe was founded with the belief that the world’s strongest cyber talent resides within the US federal government and intelligence community. Attila Security’s roots are grounded in the U.S. National Security Agency, where the technology that underpins the GoSilent platform was initially developed.

Today, the GoSilent Cube forms the basis of Attila Security’s GoSilent Platform, which offers military-grade protection for data in motion. Their products are in use throughout the U.S. Government, including the Department of Defense and intelligence community, as well as in the private sector where they are sought after for their combination of security and usability.

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ID Technologies Acquires Attila Security

Press Release – June 2021