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Annual DT Challenge Applications Due October 1, 2019

Global Cyber Innovation Summit 2020 May 13 & 14, 2020


Nation-State Domain Expertise


DataTribe contributes significantly more early-stage capital than traditional investors or incubators, as well as approximately $1M in in-kind services such as free office space, special rates via vetted legal, accounting, IT and other services.

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“Maryland is going to be much more powerful in the cyber security industry specifically because of what DataTribe has done here.”

“DataTribe has proven to be the perfect ecosystem for Prevailion”

“DataTribe has really helped us from an innovation perspective”

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Electrical Apparatus

Electrical Apparatus: Motor Intellegence

Meet Mike Janke, co-founder of DataTribe

Meet Mike Janke, co-founder of DataTribe

We are not an accelerator, an incubator nor a pure-VC. We call our methodology or structure a Startup Foundry.

Their Story At Hacker Summer Camp | Las Vegas 2019 | Karim Hijazi And Elizabeth Wharton, Prevailion

During Hacker Summer Camp 2019 in Las Vegas, Sean Martin and Marco Ciappelli spent some time with Karim Hijazi and Elizabeth Wharton

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