DataTribe is pleased to announce the acquisition of Code Dx by Synopsys (SNPS).  Congratulations to Anita D’Amico and the whole Code Dx team! In 2010, Code Dx began as a government-funded research project inside of Applied Visions, a Long Island custom application development company. After successfully spinning out of Applied Visions just two years ago, Code Dx has built the leading software security testing orchestration, correlation, and prioritization platform on the market. Using Code Dx, customers are able to wrangle any set of popular application security testing tools into a streamlined process that produces well-prioritized results, enabling development teams to significantly improve the security posture of their products. This is a great match to add to Synopsys’s leading suite of application security testing services.

In 2019, the DataTribe team quickly recognized Code Dx’s world-class talent and robust product offering and was excited to jump in with the founding team to help the company grow. Code Dx was the winner of the DataTribe Challenge that year.

Code Dx CEO Dr. Anita D’Amico said, “We chose DataTribe as our first investor because of the operational experience of its team. They were very involved with great advice, and as a first-time founder, DataTribe helped me navigate the many challenges involved in building and scaling a company.”

Everything runs with software today, making software bugs the root of most cybersecurity vulnerabilities. We see Code Dx’s ability to help companies exterminate vulnerabilities before they get into the wild as a key pillar in creating a more secure cyberspace. We are excited to see Synopsys take this vision to the next level with the Code Dx platform and team.

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